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We have been quite busy in Carey. Updates to come.

Live Broadcast

This documentation will be on the torture and murder of nine individuals during a live broadcast of WKNB television station’s “Midnight Movie Mayhem” enacted by Larry Kurtzberg.

Larry Kurtzberg had been acting as H.R. Bloodengutz, a vampire who hosted late night horror movies, for years. It was his only big acting break, and the one that he hoped would get him recognized. Even if it didn’t, he at least had Bloodengutz to keep him secure. Kurtzberg felt passionate about his work and he would often get very into character, sometimes acting as Bloodengutz in his dressing room or off the air. The show itself was fairly popular. The ratings and advertisements allowed them to film their own original hotel films, all of which were centered around twisted forms of holidays. They were campy, cheesy, and over the top and they had horrible puns or jokes for names. However, with time, the audience number began to drop and dwindle. Eventually, Midnight Movie Mayhem’s producer, John Reynolds, had to cancel the show. What then ensued is documented as the worst reaction to being fired in the history of humanity.

Just as the show started, right after Bloodengutz had greeted his “minions”, he called over Reynolds, whom was subsequently tied to a chair. Then, on live television, Kurtzberg tortured Reynolds over a course of one and one half hours, one new torture every commercial break. He held the rest of the crew captive, and had many of them murdered or tortured in some way, shape, or form throughout the night’s broadcast.

Sadly, it wasn’t until around 1:25 that anyone called the police. Few people ever watched the show, and it is believed that many who had turned it on thought the torture to be another of Bloodengutz’s famous gimmicks. By the time the police had arrived, Reynolds had severe body damage from the torture and was bleeding out from a mortal wound on his neck, inflicted by Kurtzberg. Multiple other crew members had also been murdered.

One had a firework set off in his throat. Another had been cooked alive. One woman was stabbed multiple times and then strangled with Christmas lights. Two had been shot with multiple arrows. And one was sawed in half. The other two had minimal wounds and recovered in the hospital.

When the police arrived, Kurtzberg murdered Reynolds and then began to refuse to answer as anything but Bloodengutz. He lived out the rest of his days convinced he was the character he had created.

Lastly, the WKNB murders have become famous in our instantly connected world. Multiple shock websites have video posted of the event’s night, recorded from years ago. Though these are rare, they do exist. Today, the WKNB murders are know as the first and possibly last true snuff films, as many of the deaths were tied into the plots of the movies they took place in.

assassinboii-12-deactivated2013 said: So have the investigations yeilded any reports yet?

Not yet, but we will soon know about the Hartford mansion. Rumors are spreading…


Expect new posts tonight. We’re coming back!


We’ve been terribly busy lately, but more updates are coming soon, we promise! Our next documentation will be on the WKNB television station massacre. 

Anonymous said: I hear that multi-platinum heavy metal superstar Alice Cooper is scheduled to perform several sold out concerts in the days leading up to Halloween.. Being as it may that people are rumored to be killed in vicious and violent ways at these types of concerts, would you guys be on hand to investigate?

As we are unaware of any concerts in Carey at the moment, we will most likely not be investigating any concert murders. That should be left to the police, anyway; not a volunteer Paranormal Research Society.

drjimmyandbob said: I was looking at your list of upcoming investigations, and was a bit surprised not to see the Universal Palace Theatre included. Many very odd things have happened at this cinema over the years including incidents related to both the Water Works and Butcher Shop you have already discussed. I think the theatre needs looking into, just treat the old lady with great respect when you do...

This is quite embarrassing for us. How could we forget to include the  Universal Palace Theater? We are very aware of its connections to other events in Carey, one of which we directly mentioned (although briefly) in the Water Works documentation. We will be sure to add it as soon as possible. 

As a side note: The Society, being very familiar with the legends surrounding the theater, loves the cleverness in your concluding sentence.

The Wyandot County Water Department

This is an old Carey urban legend, possibly spawning from the late forties, just as the Nuclear Age began. During one summer in Carey, believed by our research team to be 1949, the water supply of Carey seemed to have been shut down. There wasn’t a drought, there wasn’t a lack of supply of water at all, but many areas of Wyandot County seemed to be without water—nothing would come out of the spouts. So, of course, a group of men were sent into the waterworks to see what they could find and unclog anything that needed to be unclogged. 

At the end of the week multiple drains and pipes had to be unclogged of “white, gray, and black gelatinous orbs the size of baseballs,” most of which were disposed of via Carey’s topnotch garbage system, i.e. incineration (1). However, not all was well. Twenty men were sent in to the water works beneath Carey, and each day the men would split into two parties and begin work on unclogging. On Friday, however, one man did not return after he left to use the restroom, located on another side of the water works. He never returned. The nineteen remaining men banded together in search for him, to no luck. 

The man was eventually found, his body stuck against the grate in front of the main release pipe near Wyandot Reservoir. His body was found by a group of adolescents who had gone exploring near the reservoir. Reportedly, the man had large chunks of skin torn off his body, as though eaten. No further investigation was made, the official report saying he had fallen into the water and drowned.  

But people talk. The remaining nineteen claimed to have heard “things” running scuttling, and some even went to say they saw shadows of creatures. No one knew what the orbs were, most just passed it off as a fungi, while other adamantly claimed they were eggs to some kind of alien race. 

Time passed on, people forgot. Summers would pass, some with blockages which would eventually fix themselves, other years in which more “orbicular fungi” had to be removed (2). However, strangely enough, every summer, at least one disappearance occurred, the body only to be found near or against the exit pipe by the reservoir. Yes, from 1949 to 1983, one person disappeared only to be found in the same spot. One exception to this was in 1956, when three teenage boys disappeared on their prom night, only to be found at the reservoir three days after their initial disappearance. Multiple investigations would be made every year, and they would always be considered inconclusive. They had all drowned in the sewage, and some even had signs of being eaten, which were generally attributed to rats.

1984 was different. Before June 1, seven different parts of Wyandot County claimed to have blockages and little access to water, which was the most seen since 1949.  The water department began frantic work: Increasing pressures, lowering chlorine content, all to no avail. On June 15, 1984 a group of twenty men were sent in to clear the blockages, now accumulated at ten. Not a single man came out of the water department that day. 

Each body was tracked and found within three weeks, many of the bodies so badly chewed and dismembered, they were barely recognizable. There was never any resolution to their deaths. No one and no thing was ever found accountable, but after that year, the disappearances stopped.  A single body has not been found since by the reservoir or in the grate since then. However, legends take hold. 

Many citizens of Wyandot County swear there are creatures in the sewers. They feed on human flesh, and people even claim the fungi that has been removed over the years are actually eggs, spawned from these creatures. It is a quick-solve to the gruesome deaths and disappearances in the water works, and citizens stand by it to today. They’ve even named them: Sculders. Whether these “Sculders” ever existed or not, we don’t know, but something did happen in the Wyandot County Water Department, something that truly can not be explained. 


(1) “Wyandot County Water Charts - June, 1949”

(2) “Wyandot County Water Charts - May, 1961”

Anonymous said: I dont own a tumblr (Kinda dont feel the need for one) but this page is pretty cool.. I own a website called 'Designing the Fear' and its cool to read more about HHN beloved town Carey, Ohio.. Keep up the good work!

We are glad to hear you are enjoying our posts! Thank you for the feedback, it is well appreciated!

Anonymous said: Can you guys be a little more clear about some of the things that have happened in Carey? I've mostly heard rumors and urban legends, but if even half of them are true, than your town is likly sitting on a portal to the 8th level of Hell or something. Carey, Ohio ceartainly qualifies as an Eldritch Location at any rate.

We don’t think we understand what you mean by more clear. We’re giving out more information and digging up more dirt than anyone else has ever before done on Carey! One of our missions is to find out how Carey became so deformed with its dark history; perhaps it is an Eldritch Location, despite their fictional existence.